Friday, 3 October 2008

I Love: Rice

I really, really do. I could probably eat rice for every meal for at least a week and not get bored! Challenge me to do it someone - that would make a good blog for after VeganMoFo - and I will! I would, however, eat different types of rice for all these meals, cooked in different ways. I doubt even I could eat plain steamed brown rice every meal!

I think that's one of the reasons I love rice, it is so very versatile, and the different types make it so easy to make different things with. Even the Brown / White versions of different varieties add different things to different dishes - try making the same stir fry and serving it once on white and once on brown, it's the same yet subtly different. I personally prefer brown rice, and not just for the nutritional benefits, but that is part of it, brown rice has (I think) a sweeter, nuttier taste, not as bland.

I love using rice for breakfasts and desserts as well as just a savoury dish or accompaniment, as it is pretty flavour neutral anything you add ends up being what you taste the most. I know the general rule of thumb is short grain for sweets and long grain for everything else, but I tend not to follow that and just go with what I have, or what I feel like. The only way I'm not really fond of rice is in a rice salad, have no idea why.

There's all the types you can buy, which make it easy to love rice. Other than plain long grain, you can chose from rices like the aromatic ones which smell so good cooking and add an extra something whenever you use them - rice like Basmati and Jasmine. I really like brown Basmati. For Sushi the purists use white rice, and I do too, sometimes, but I also like brown sushi rice, and I will cook it as a pudding or breakfast - not just for sushi. We love Risotto - and rice varieties like Aborio which are traditionally used for this are great - savoury or sweet risotto. There's also Black (forbidden) and Red rices you can buy too, but these are quite expensive so I don't get them often. I love the black rice in desserts!

India, Thailand, Japan, Italy, China.... a bowl of rice is like a trip around the world! Love it.


Mike said...

Do you remember the first comment you made when AFS sent your placement letter to Thailand?
"But I hate rice!!"

We all change!



Debbie said...

Rice for every meal for a week? That sounds crazy! You're more of a rice fiend than I am. Okay I challenge you to do it!
P.S. Now you've opened my eyes to so many different ways to eat rice. Happy MoFoing!

Laura said... is such a perfect food! rice really can do it all