Saturday, 4 October 2008

I Love: Other Grains too

Just in case the post about rice got you thinking I don't like any other grains, I thought I'd set you straight. While some grains I will eat if I have to, and don't really like that much unless they are maybe made a certain way (like buckwheat, amaranth and barley for example) there are grains other than rice that I really do like and try to eat often. In no particular order, with photos borrowed from the interwebs...

The girls and I both love this one. They like it cooked in a little vegetable stock and eaten plain, so this is how we often have it, but its not all you can do with this grain which is not really a grain. Good in a pilaf or risotto, added to muffin batter, mixed with other grains for a different taste and texture, quinoa cooks really quickly, which is sometimes a lifesaver!

I'm the only person in my house that loves millet. My children will eat it if I give it to them (complaining all the time) and my husband prefers I don't give it to him at all! You can cook millet with less water to get a soft fluffy type grain, - use it like quinoa as above or more water for a porridge type slush, which can be molded like polenta as below - and either way it is good!

This one I probably don't eat often enough, but made well, this is comfort food at its best. Cornmeal with the addition of some stock (for savoury polenta) or sweetened water (for sweet) makes a warming, cozy feeling inducing meal. and this stuff is pretty versatile too, eat it out of the pot for a porridge like dish, or spread it out and let it firm up before cutting to shape and grilling (frying or what have you) to reheat. Then you can add in what ever you like for flavour and to change it up a bit, and add a sauce and there's a meal. I don't eat this often enough but I do love it.

Best for breakfast! rolled, steel cut, meal or whole groats - oats are a real stick to your ribs great start to the day. Rolled oats are great as a crumble topping too in either sweet or savoury dishes, in cookies and muffins, and I wouldn't be able to make my vegan haggis without both the rolled and steel cut varieties!


Debbie said...

I love quinoa! I've never tried millet before though.
I'm not making's going to be something bigger!

Kati said...

Millet is probably my favorite grain. And to think, most people only know it as bird seed.

half pint pixie said...

Oh I love oats! And I'm getting to like quinoa, millet is a little too fiddly for me, but I should make more of an effort to get to like it :)