Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I Love: Nuts and Seeds

and nut / seed butters!

These are another one of those things which work in a sweet or a savoury setting. Or, to be honest as a snack all on their own. I was originally going to do nuts and seeds separately but got a little bit lost which was a nut and which a seed, and didn't want to get all trapped with botanical correctness yet again. And lets not even mention the peanut!

Here's a quick list of nuts and seeds, in no particular order, I often have and use -

Flax : Hemp : Chia (aka Salba) : Sesame (and Tahini) : Poppy : Sunflower : Pumpkin : Hazelnut : Pecan : Walnut : Macadamia : Peanut : Cashew : Brazil : Pinenut : Pistachio : Almond :

So, in that lot you'd think I could find something for everyone! and something for each use! I especially like baking with ground nuts as I get the girls to eat them without them even knowing. For some reason they have this aversion to eating nuts, and there's no danger of allergy for them.

Here's a recipe I have shared before, though I think it was on the other blog a while ago. I'm currently working on converting the tastes in this pie to a muffin! Trial number one was the right taste, but ascetically not so pleasing, so on to trial two!

Bakewell Tart

1 X 9” Unbaked Pie Shell*
¼ C Raspberry Jam
¼ C Vegan Margarine (at room temp)
1/3 C Sugar
1 pkt (ours are 350gm or so) Firm Silken Tofu
½ t Almond Essence
1 C Ground Almonds
¼ C Cornstarch
1 C Flaked Almonds

1 C Icing Sugar
½ t Almond Essence
1 ½ T Cold Water
Flaked Almonds to decorate as required

Preheat oven to 400F
Spread Raspberry Jam on base of pie shell with the back of a spoon.
Cream marg and sugar until light and fluffy. I use a whisk as I’m using this for the next steps too.
Add in the silken tofu and almond essence, and whisk until well combined.
Add the ground almonds and cornstarch, again whisk to fully combine.
Fold in the flaked almonds then spoon into pie shell on top of the jam.
Bake for 25 – 30 minutes until starting to lightly brown. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly.
While baking, mix together the icing sugar, almond essence and water to form a smooth paste.
Pour the icing mix over the pie while still warm. Sprinkle top with more flaked almonds. Allow to cool fully.
Serve with fresh raspberries if you have them.

* I’ve used the recipes from both Vegan Lunchbox and Veganomicon with success, as well as made up ones of my own, and store bought vegan ones. Whatever you have or feel up to doing. -


Jeni Treehugger said...

I'm so craving a Bakewell tart now!
I visited the town of Bakewell where these babies originated from a few years back and have been contemplating veganising one for a few months now. You've just saved me the job!
Thanks for the recipe.

Carla said...

Glad to be of help!

wingraclaire said...

I've been WONDERING what salba seeds were; thanks for telling me they are the same as chia, which I have actually used! I'm going to try those tarts!