Monday, 6 October 2008

I Love: Hummus

As I said in the post on Pulses - I love chickpeas, and following on from that, I tend to love stuff made out of chickpeas. Like Hummus. So as part of the whole VeganMoFo thing I thought it would a good idea to taste test a bunch of different hummus recipes from some the of the cookbooks I have lying about the place to see which one we like the best.

There were rules, basically it had to;
1. be a plain, basic hummus recipe - so no fancy added stuff like sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers or olives,
2. have no other nuts or beans added - so no white bean hummus, no cashew and chickpea hummus etc, and
3. go easy on added spices - so nothing to cumin-y for example

I was looking for recipes that were pretty much chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and oil (if used) with a little seasoning. I ended up with 5 recipes that filled the requirements, I then adjusted the recipe sizes so they were all made with 1 C chickpeas, I didn't want end up with mountains of the stuff! and got busy.

I did a taste test by myself with roasted potatoes, see the picture - I love hummus on all sorts of stuff - and then later with H on nacho chips. I ranked them, he ranked them and then we put our scores together. So, drum roll please, in our house, using the cookbooks I have, with our comments, in order of preference we have Hummus by -
Smooth, even flavoured with nothing too dominant, not oily and good textured. "What I expect hummus to be"

Get it Ripe
Good texture, not oily, garlic comes through well.

Gluten Free Vegan
Most tahini tasting, texture good, not too oily or garlicky.

Garlic / tahini balance good, creamy, but a little too oily tasting.

Little Vegan Monsters
Too much bite, a lot of zing, very garlic-y and over oily tasting.

The first three were the ones we'd have be happy to have had more of, and would use again. I think the main thing about them for us was that they had little or no oil in the recipe so the chickpeas were really the star of the show!


Bex said...

I have reFresh and Get it Ripe . . . here hummus hummus hummus . . .

Jeni Treehugger said...

If death by Hummus were possible you'd be on the danger list!

Debyi said...

The refresh cookbook is my favorite cookbook! We just had the green goddess rice bowl for dinner tonight. I haven't tried their hummus yet, but it is on my list for next week.