Friday, 17 October 2008

I Love: Ethnic Cuisines

I love trying new restaurants, especially different ethnic ones, but we don't eat out much for a few reasons;
1. I prefer to cook at home,
2. Arranging babysitters,
3. Financial considerations,
4. Time and work restraints, and
5. Decent places near here we can both agree on trying.

So if there is a cuisine type I'd like to try I often will scour the interwebs and my cookbooks for recipes to make at home to see if we like it before we'd go out to eat. Luckily, there are loads of resources for this out there!

If you're interested in trying something new - this site is one of the best on the web for ethnic-y type recipes. I often use the Ethiopian recipes from here! and this book - is also a great resource for easy to make recipes.

I love trying new things, and flavours from new places. This is something I've really got into since becoming vegan, expanding my food world, not shrinking it as people often assume. There are so many regional foods which are already vegan, or easy to make so, and often easy to make! I've often blogged in the past about my experiments with ethnic cuisines - Japanese, Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican for example, and I look forward to trying lots more stuff in the future. Yum.


mollyjade said...

I love this site for food from around the world: And I can usually find a few vegan things in each country's list.

Veg-a-Nut said...

I Love Jens book. We use it quite often in our home.

s said...

Oh Carla, every one has an ethnicity, please don't say "I love ethnic cuisines," when what you mean is "I love cuisine that is I didn't grow up with." It's okay to say that Canadian or Scottish or whatever is ethnic too.

(I love your blog, I promise, just because I never comment except this once doesn't mean I don't like it :o( )

Carla said...

I absolutely, totally meant "I love cuisine that isn't that which I grew up with" when I said "I love ethnic cuisine" and I should have made that clearer in my post. Sorry.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the link to that website--it looks great! I love different ethnic cuisines too!