Thursday, 16 October 2008

I Love: BBQ

Its something that just screams "SUMMER" at you, and I'm sorely missing summer right about now. The weather has been decidedly autumnal since October showed its face, even the days when its has been fine have been just far too chilly to risk braving the outdoors to cook in the evenings.

People often wonder what I barbecue, apart from store bought veggie burgers or hot dogs that is, and while we do bbq them on occasion, its often more about the veggies. So on our barbecue you'll often find -
- Sliced garlic stuffed into potatoes, wrapped in foil

- Corn on the cob, wrapped in tin foil with a little marg
- Blanched asparagus getting all lovely and caramelised
- Zucchini spears, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper
- Portobello Mushrooms, slathered in this bbq sauce - like this
- Homemade burgers (I make a great seitan burger, and a fantastic mixed seed one if I do say so)
Just have to get through the long cold winter until its BBQ time again!!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Those Mushrooms! That Sauce!!
I wouldn't wait 'til summer!
Hey...maybe if you cook this in the kitchen it will make you feel all summery!

Erin said...

We love grilling too, even through fall and winter. More often than not I revert to veggie dogs or burgers, but this weekend I did some awesome portobellos.