Friday, 31 October 2008

Goodbye VeganMoFo

Its been fun. It was nice seeing you again. Thanks for the great memories - and all the great blog posts!

I didn't post every day, but I got my 20 so by the rules of the game its been a success. I know I slacked off a little at the end, but in my defense I have been sick, and I cracked that tooth, and sometimes you just get caught up in life IRL, you know.

I am planning to do the "Rice with every meal for 7 days" challenge that was alluded to right at the beginning of VeganMoFo, but I won't be starting it until my teeth have settled down a little more. I have a temporary fix in, but have 2 that will need surgical extraction - scheduled for the end of November - so am eating a lot of soft foods and soup! If anyone is interested in doing the whole rice thing with me, email me ( and I'll put some rules together and set a start date.

Now that its all over - Begs the question - whatever will I do for next years Vegan Month of Food?


Mike said...

How about taking one of the food groups you mentioned in this years blogs and expand it; potato family, roots in general, pulses.

Surely you could get 20 blogs and/or recipes for one of those.

Mike said...

Good luck with the teeth. Did you get a new liquidiser for your birthday!! Might come in useful!! Maybe an early christmas present!!