Monday, 18 August 2008

Update. Challenge 7.

Well, I used the challenge days for SOY to make a whole bunch of PPK tester recipes which were tofu based, as I haven't been able to do much testing while eliminating. I am, unfortunately, out of the habit of photographing everything I eat so have no photos of delicious foods to share - let me assure you they all tasted great. I'm going to have to start the photo taking habit again when I am eating more normally again.
So, while everything I ate tasted great it didn't do such great things for my tummy. Aches, bad gas, and I also had a few other (head ache, sore throat) symptoms which may be related. However it has been really hot and the non digestive symptoms may be due to the heat. (??) Final result, I'm giving soy a fail for this time round, and will test again at a later stage in smaller quantities. I mean I really ate A LOT of tofu and soy sauce, so I may have over done it. It may end up having to be an occasional, in small quantity food for me, but we'll see when I re test.

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- L said...

if you were eating a lot of tofu and soy sauce, the headache and sore throat may very well have been a reaction to the sodium in addition to the soy.

hope you're feeling topshelf soon.