Friday, 8 August 2008

Update. Challange 5.


A partial pass. I'm going to re-test lemon zest and juice by itself at the end, along with the other things I have trouble with. I had no response to all the oranges I ate, or when I used lime zest / juice in meals, but I had lemon zest and juice in my lunch on the second test day and reacted with a headache, watery eyes, runny nose that afternoon. All I can think of, and I had no other citrus in that meal, so will test some more.

Next up is nuts. I'm not expecting a problem which is why I haven't broken it down into nut families, or even individual nuts, but if I react I will have to go back and do them at the end too.

Having more options now is great!!

and yes it is August so I need another update! I may not change the pictures as I haven't been taking any!

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