Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Elimination update.

I've been told off by 2 people now for not updating for a while. OK, so maybe not "told off" but it has been mentioned to me that I may like to just say what I've been up to. Not that I was already feeling guilty or anything.

Elimination phase is pretty much done, I start my challenging tomorrow, with the easy, less likely to be causing problems foods. I'm saving the biggies like Wheat and Soy for last! I feel good, lots of energy (most of the time), no "brain fog" or excessive stomach complaints, so that in itself is positive. I will have to update each time I challenge I suppose.

Running has been coming along too, I'm pleased with the progress there, though I haven't been for a few days, walking a great deal but no running. Last time I went out I went early in the morning and took M & R with me while H was asleep after a late shift. They played at the play park and I ran around the baseball field!

So, what have I been eating? Rice, lots of rice! At least once a day, also quinoa, millet, buckwheat, tapioca, sweet potatoes, beans as well as a variety of fruits / veggies that aren't up for challenging. Very simple food to be honest, a little bit boring and not really worth sharing, hence the lack of posts. It's been hard, as I said before, I have a bunch of ideas for things to make, but its all been put on hold while I try and figure out whats been upsetting my system.

However, I did make a Chocolate Pie for the girls the other day (same as it ever was) which they have almost devoured, but other than that no baking. Its too much temptation!!

Consider yourselves updated.


Courtney said...

Oh no--I hope you didn't take my comment as "telling you off" for not updating! I truly am interested in your elimination diet! Thanks for the update, and good luck!


Carla said...

No, Courtney, not you. People IRL who don't comment on the blog, just about it.