Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Healthy Buddy Muffins

Take a look at yesterday's post and vote for your favourite muffin in the poll on the right. I'll post the winning muffin recipe on the weekend.
First a little info about each muffin to help you decide.....
Ginger Crunch Muffins
Loosely based on a New Zealand traditional slice (bar cookie) by the same name which is a crunchy based topped with a gooey ginger caramel. My muffins have tiny cookie pellets baked into them and lots of ginger flavour.
Afghan Muffins
Nothing to do with Afghanistan and the Taliban. Also based on a New Zealand staple slice (or biscuit as it is made both ways) Afghan slice (and these muffins) contain cornflakes, and walnuts. I've made my muffins wheat free too.
New World Currant Square Muffins
New World because, unlike traditional Currant Squares I've put blueberries and cranberries (both "New World" fruit) in them. Currant Squares have pastry top and bottom and a really fruity filling (currants mainly) I've tried to replicate that in muffin form.
Banana Caramel Muffins
I call them caramel because they are quite sweet and have caramel essence in them, not because they are super gooey or have bits of toffee inside. These are a bit boring, but made better by being gluten free.
Go vote people.

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