Tuesday, 24 June 2008

End of Preschool.

Another year of preschool has come to an end. I can't really believe it! One more year of preschool and I'll be getting ready for R to go to Kindergarten!!

Anyhow, R's Summer Breakup Party was this morning, and we baked mini-muffins to share. R chose the flavours - Pinkalicious, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip!

Pinkalicious Muffins are based on the cookie which was based on the book, where the girl ate pink cupcakes! These were M's favourite too.
The Choc Choc Chip ones are my Carob Carob Chip ones made with cocoa powder and chocolate chips as I was out of carob, and that's a trip to the HFS not the supermarket.
Both were full size muffin recipes baked in mini tins, just for 12 minutes instead of 20. I put a teensy bit of icing on each as it was a party after all!!

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Erin said...

Very cute, love the pink muffins!