Saturday, 14 June 2008

Book review.

I have been sent a copy of thisto review. Thank you to all the nice people responsible.

I really like Gillian McKeith, despite not having had a great deal of success with her recipes (see this post), even though she isn't vegan, her message about healthy eating is one I feel more people could take notice of. I can look past the fish, chicken and dairy. I wish she could too.

Anyhow, this book really is like a bible! Its a huge hardcover, lump of a book, an attractive lump it must be said, but still really big! and when you get to reading it, its almost like a book of two halves.

The first half is general information. A section about what is in foods, very similar to information that was in "You are what you eat" useful but nothing new. Then there is a section about nutritional requirements for all different stages of life, from pregnancy and babies to old age. This is a pretty good section and gives pointers for getting the best out of yourself, and also what your body needs at each stage.

The remainder of the book is dedicated to different conditions and how they can be influenced nutritionally, from Abscesses to Worms, and a whole bunch in between. Handy to be bale to look up for friends and family any ailments they may have.

I found the odd typo on the way through (misspelling, passage repeated) but not loads and I guess you'll always get some. and about the animal products, to be fair she always does suggest non animal alternatives. Its not vegan, but its a pretty useful book.

For more info, go to Gillian's website.

and if anyone else wants to send me free books to read and review, (or free vegan icecream to taste test) I'm more than happy to oblige!

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romina said...

I too enjoyed this book, very informative!