Sunday, 25 May 2008

What I ate today (and some of yesterday)

Lets see. There's this beauty, which tastes better than it looks and is ever so simple - Red Flannel Hash, a PPK tester which I had for lunch yesterday. Really good.
and for Dinner last night, a plate full of BBQ'd delights - Corn on the Cob (which R adores), marinated Portobellos, (soy sauce and balsamic vinegar mainly), salad and to go with them Cilantro Chutney (the green stuff) from a McDougall cookbook (I subbed agave for the honey) and the Low Fat Cauliflower Hummus from Veganomicon, which I accidentally made even more low fat as I forgot to put in the oil, and didn't have enough tahini - it tastes great anyway! I also had half a baked potato but they weren't ready until later.
Then for breakfast I made this lovely Black Rice Breakfast Pudding dish, cooked with a little coconut cream and mainly water, some agave and a few dried blueberries, which plump up ever so nicely. Really tasty, chewy and not too sweet.
Lunch today was reusing some of the things from dinner. I cooked brown basmati rice with some amaranth, tossed some of the cilantro chutney through it (I'll call it Cilantro Amaranth Rice shall I?) and served with salad dressed with the hummus, and some seasoned Nori sheets. I love to eat these with rice at the moment!

The only real recipes I used are not mine so I can't post them!

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Maureen said...

Mmmm everything looks amazing! Especially the salad but ESPECIALLY the amaranth!