Saturday, 10 May 2008

Testing and an oldies with a twist!

A few things I've been making.
First up, a PPK tester recipe - Orange Pecan Crumb Cake. Not too sweet, but moist and lovely. Both girls really liked it but R most of all, she had about 3 pieces the first day and took some to preschool as her snack the next day.
She looks like she's enjoying it, doesn't she!

and the Spanikopita from VwaV, but made with a Thai flavour and baked in a store bought pie crust. I subbed and added, garlic, red onions, cashews, lemongrass, fresh ginger, red chard / kale mix, and it was really good! I've made this spanikopita the traditional VwaV way, with a Mexican flair and now Thai - how versatile with just a few adjustments!

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