Thursday, 29 May 2008

The days slip away on you sometimes

and then without even noticing, it is Thursday and you haven't done a blog post for a few days. Its not that I've been super busy, or that I've been eating super interesting food. Same old, same old really, but I do have a few photos for you, just to illustrate how uninteresting it all has been!

First up, Baked Potato filled with Quinoa mixed with the last of the Cauliflower Hummus, and baked Asparagus topped with the last of the Cilantro Chutney. I need to make me some more of that Cilantro Chutney!
Then I have baked Millet Slices, topped with a simple bean salsa. The millet is cooked, left for a few hours in the fridge to set, then baked until crisp. Nice.
Then we have twice baked potatoes, seasoned with cumin and paprika, plain rice and a Broccoli Bean Chili, artfully arranged. Tasty, simple and quick.
Told you it was nothing very interesting!

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