Sunday, 18 May 2008

Barbecue time - at last

The weather has finally turned nice enough (for a few days at least) for us to barbecue. Marinated Portobello's with corn anyone? mmmm. Anyhow, its not a very exciting thing but the marinade you use - if at all - can change the whole feel of your meal, and if you use 2 different ones in a row it feels like 2 different meals even if you're eating the same things, as we did. The first one I don't have a shot of is my standard, a great all purpose BBQ Marinade and sauce. The second I don't have a shot of is a little Thai inspired one, so not traditional, but still good, great as an oil free dressing for corn on the cob!

BBQ Marinade and Sauce
Makes about ¾ Cup

2 T Maple Syrup
1 T Balsamic Vinegar (or Red Wine Vinegar)
2 T Rice Wine Vinegar
½ T Blackstrap Molasses
2 T Lime Juice
2 ½ T Tomato Paste
1 ½ t Liquid Smoke
2 T Soy Sauce
½ t Tabasco Sauce (to taste)

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl.
Good as a marinade / sauce for mushrooms, tofu, tempeh and seitan.

Thai BBQ Marinade / Dressing
Makes 1 Cup or so

3 T Cilantro Stalk / leaves – finely chopped
1 T fresh Ginger – grated
2 cloves Garlic – grated
1 T Lemongrass – finely chopped
2 T Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
1 T Rice Wine Vinegar
3 T Soy Sauce
2 T Agave
3 T Lime Juice

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl.
Good with mushrooms, tofu, corn and on salad.

and because I've given you recipes with no photos I'm going to give you photos with no recipes. Back to front today. Neither have recipes, they're just stuff I threw together which tasted good!
This is potatoes mashed with sun dried tomatoes - and then we have a breakfast Tapioca with pineapple.


Courtney said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I have been looking for a refined sugar free BBQ sauce recipe for forever...I am going to make your first version very soon!


Carla said...

Glad to be of service!