Monday, 14 April 2008

Soup, soup and more soup.

I liked the idea of the muffin poll so much I decided to do it again but with soup. Here's a few delicious vegan soups I've made over the past week or so - choose your favourite and enter the poll (to your right) and I'll post the most requested recipe next weekend.

Leek and Potato Soup, with fennel.
A twist on an old favourite, the fennel doesn't add a lot of anise flavour just a spicy undertone.
Aduki Bean, Red Pepper and Kale Soup.
A hearty meal like soup, rich and savoury.

Spinach and Parsley Soup.
An elegant dinner party soup, vibrantly green.

Roasted Butternut and Pear Soup.
Not as strange as you may think. The squash and pear both shine in a not too sweet combo.

Scotchless Broth.
Another hearty main course dinner soup. Scotch Broth without the meat.

and if your favourite didn't win the muffin poll and you want the recipe - just email me!

1 comment:

mollyjade said...

I have adzuki beans I've been wondering what to do with. That soup looks delicious.